White men charged as video of attack on black teens in pool goes viral

White men charged as video of attack on black teens in pool goes viral

White men charged as video of attack on black teens in pool goes viral

Three white men have been arrested for the alleged assault of two black teenagers at a resort in South Africa.

The Christmas Day incident in the town of Bloemfontein was captured on video by a passerby. According to the two teenagers, the attackers told them that the pool at the Maselspoort Resort and Conference Center was for “white people only.” The New York Times reports.

In the video, the grown man can be seen strangling, slapping and putting one of the teens in a headlock and into the pool. The violence in the recording, which has since gone viral, has sparked new demands for the nation’s leaders to address racism.

Johan Nel, 33, and Jan Stephanus van der Westhuizen, 47, were arrested and charged with assault. A third unidentified individual is facing attempted murder charges.

Images from the disturbing video, shared on Twitter by a woman claiming to be the sister of the victims, has been viewed more than 21 million times.

One of the teenagers who was attacked is Kgokong Nakedi, 18, his father Brian Nakedi told the Times.

According to Mr. Nakedi, who was once an underground Apartheid fighter, his family booked the resort for three nights to hold a post-Covid reunion.

Nakedi said her family had booked into a part of the resort that has chalets, but her son and a 13-year-old nephew opted to swim in a pool in a wooded camping area.

The teens were reportedly told not to be in the area by people they believed were not guests at the resort.

Kgokong and the 13-year-old boy decided to get into the pool before alerting Mr. Nakedi to the situation.

Nakedi said she briefly explained to some white guests that her son and nephews were also guests at the resort, leaving the pool area thinking the situation had been resolved.

But moments later, the men prevented Kgokong from entering the pool by closing a gate.

The teens still entered the pool, with several white guests simultaneously jumping outside before the violence ensued.

Kgokong said that as one of the men held him underwater, he muttered, “You are fighting for the water; now you will die

President Cyril Ramphosal issued a statement condemning the attacks.

“Under the rule of law, we must let investigations run their course…but under the rule of law, we can and must also declare that racism has no place in our society and that racists have nowhere to hide,” he said. Ramphosal. , for The times.

Apartheid in South Africa took place between 1948 and the early 1990s. Still, racism and discrimination remain a problem in the country’s culture.

A 2021 BBC report found that black South Africans continue to face huge disparities compared to their white counterparts after Apartheid.

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