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Time to give Ayurvedic medicines its due, research is no longer allopathy’s copyright: Swami Ramdev

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Swami Ramdev says time has come to give Ayurvedic medicines its due.

Those engaged in profiteering are opposing Ayurvedic treatment to coronavirus, Swami Ramdev has said while explaining how Coronil (mix of Ashwagandha +Giloy+Tulsi+Swasari) passed clinical trials and reduced the virus load in COVID-19 patients. Talking to India TV, Swami Ramdev asked, “Why should research be an exclusive thing of elites. Why treatment techniques devised in Germany, the United Kingdom or Europe only get acceptance status as ‘medicine’? Time people recognise Ayurveda’s power to cure and heal people, he said.

Patanjali has announced to bring in Coronil – an Ayurvedic treatment to cure coronavirus disease and boost immunity – in the market soon. Swami Ramdev and Patanjali have said that taking 2-3 Coronil tablets thrice a day will help get rid of coronavirus.

Yoga guru Ramdev said Coronil will boost your immunity to fight the infectious disease.

Swami Ramdev reiterated that they have performed evidence-based clinical control trial of the Coronil to treat coronavirus patients.

Swami Ramdev to hold press conference at 12 pm today on Patanjali’s Coronil

Yoga guru Ramdev will also hold a press conference today at 12 pm to further brief on the status of Patanjali’s Coronil and is expected to announce from when Coronil will be available in the markets.     

Is Coronil a medicine or an immunity booster? Swami Ramdev answers

Swami Ramdev said Coronil is also an immunity booster to fight symptoms like cold, cough in order to protect lungs from these viral symptoms. He said Coronil is an immunity booster based on the traditional rules of Ayurveda. (Yeh immunity booster hai ayurveda ke traditional rules ke hisab sey)

Yoga guru Ramdev added, “traditional techniques of Ayurveda says that every time after you conclude a big research, the traditional cure is called medicine.”

“Swasari, Ashwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi are beneficial against cold, flu-related breathing issues,” Swami Ramdev said.  

Yoga guru Ramdev further said that the clinical trial of Coronil has been done while some trials are also underway. It shoud get the status of a medicine (Coronil ka clinical trial poora ho gya hai. Isko medicine ka darja milna chahiye)

Swami Ramdev said that people can take Coronil to boost their immunity (Immunity badhane ke saath saath isko le sakte hain). 

Speaking on the clinically control evidence-based trial of Coronil, Swami Ramdev said fact will speak the truth. He added, “Corona patients tested negative following the mediation of Coronil. They showed a reduction in viral load and it also improved the respiratory system.”

Hitting out those who believe that only allopathy can get the status of medicine, Yoga guru Ramdev said these are the people who question or doubt on Ayurveda and discriminate with their self-believe that how can a Baba who talks about Veda or Ayurveda is talking about science.

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