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PUBG Mobile Season 14 ‘Spark the Flame’ Trailer Leaked: Watch Video

The next season of PUBG Mobile is a couple of weeks away and the opening trailer seems to have leaked. The theme of season 14, as we reported earlier, will be called ‘Spark the Flame’ and the leaked trailer reasserts the previous leaks. The supposed trailer has been leaked by YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming who has had a good track record when it comes to PUBG Mobile content.

The trailer is yet again set in what looks like a Mad Max-inspired post-apocalyptic world. You can see a car chase where two characters are driving their ‘boss’ through a desert who has a special costume set with purple hair and armour. The boss blows up the two cars chasing them effortlessly, but then the ‘hero’ arrives all suited up in a leather outfit with golden epaulets, cape and a general’s hat. The car chase continues eventually the hero crashing into the other and the trailer ends with the hero and boss facing each other.

The trailer doesn’t give away much but does confirm the fact that we are going to see a lot of the in-game items to be inspired by flame patterns.

The video also confirms that the exclusive map ‘Livik’ is also going to be out soon. PUBG Mobile recently announced the release date for the map, which is going to be July 7. The new map is expected to arrive before season 14 begins as a part of the new 0.19.0 update. For those of you who are unaware, Livik is going to be a cross between all the existing ones with snow on the top right, a desert area on the bottom left while the rest is mostly grasslands and trees. It will be a 2x2km map making it the smallest one in the Classic mode and will only include 40 players at a time.

There has been a significant and well-needed update in the topography while buildings and houses have also been reworked. The map also includes the usual vehicles including the motorbike, UAZ, buggy, and so on. There is also the addition of a new monster truck that can basically drive over almost anything including boulders. There are also some new water physics in the game due to the addition of waterfalls on the map. Apart from these, there are also a bunch of loot crates in different parts of the map that are mostly loaded with a fully kitted gun including a scope, extended mag, and foregrips. Expect new guns to be added as well including a new shotgun called SPAS 12 and a new DMR called MK12.

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