JW Anderson’s Instagram account teases a possible Vaseline collaboration – WWD

JW Anderson’s Instagram account teases a possible Vaseline collaboration – WWD

JW Anderson’s Instagram account teases a possible Vaseline collaboration – WWD

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Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of JW Anderson and Loewe, has a knack for mind-blowing, surreal fashion design. Zendaya’s Loewe Arthurium dress last fall nearly broke the internet, and let’s not forget the brand’s stilettos with a cracked egg at the base of the heel. What’s next for the innovative designer’s JW Anderson line? A hint may have dropped on Instagram today.

This morning, JW Anderson’s Instagram account was completely deleted, save for two posts: one of a spinning charging sign and another of a bare-chested man collecting Vaseline Original Vaseline. (We too are scratching our heads.) Commenters are in two camps, with some dismissing it as a gimmick and others eager for a new, potentially slippery new release. Brands commonly delete their accounts before breakthrough releases, so we’re with the non-hacker hopefuls in the comments section.

Vaseline is on the rise thanks to the trend of viral hits – the brand’s market size is predicted to top $651 million by 2027 – so could this be a collaboration between two true icons, JW Anderson and Vaseline? Jonathan Anderson has a fragrance line and a candle line, but Vaseline might be putting the pressure on.

While the Instagram post may not lead to a JW Anderson x Vaseline collaboration, there’s no denying the irony that it took Vaseline some 163 years to go viral with the beauty slugging trend. And now? Vaseline has officially gone from medicine cabinet mainstay to design muse. Whether a collaboration is on the table or not, Vaseline is undoubtedly a skincare superstar, with dermatologists, editors, and estheticians singing its praises for healing cracked heels, nurturing cuticles, and protecting lips from chafing. crack.

The key ingredient in petroleum jelly is petroleum jelly, which is an occlusive ingredient that creates a barrier on the skin to keep moisture trapped. This has myriad benefits: marathon runners love it to prevent chafing and beauty gurus use it overnight for glowing skin when they wake up. Vaseline and similar petroleum jelly products are also useful for healing wounds and reducing redness and swelling in the affected area, according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

While we update our feeds for more information, consider this your cue to stock up on Vaseline during dry skin season.

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