Circle to Bolsonaro confirms that next attacks on Powers he says control and fears imprisonment of ex-president

Circle to Bolsonaro confirms that next attacks on Powers he says control and fears imprisonment of ex-president

Circle to Bolsonaro confirms that next attacks on Powers he says control and fears imprisonment of ex-president

By Ricardo Brito

BRASÍLIA (Reuters) – An invasion and destruction by Bolsonaristas takes place in two buildings-headquarters of the Three Powers on Sunday raised the fear that had already existed in recent months in the close circles of former President Jair Bolsonaro that he could be subject to an order of arrest prisão Temporarily, affirms the Reuters sources from the environment of the ex-chef of the executive.

Even before being defeated by PT Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the October elections, he had feared an eventual imprisonment of Bolsonaro, in the case of his leaving the Presidency, for a series of crimes in which he was investigated for four indictments, among them for attacks on electronic ballot boxes.

Now, along the Palácio do Planalto and without a privileged forum –or that guarantees a quase immunity that completes against prison–, the ex-president is legally unprotected to be exempt from an eventual precautionary measure.

This fear, according to the sources, grew after the acts of vandalism by supporters of Bolsonaro the day before against the Powers in Brasilia. The ex-president has never fully recognized Lula’s victory in the elections and made gestures of encouragement to the pro-coup movement that emerged since then.

“There has been this fear of prison since I lost my election, then without doubt it intensified after that,” said one of the sources, considering that the hospitalization of the former president in a hospital in Orlando in this second fair has more emotional depth how physical

Bolsonaro saw actions such as the temporary dismissal of the Governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), and other determinations of the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes as a sign that drastic measures can be taken against him, according to this source.

According to two STF sources, Bolsonaro’s direct or indirect involvement in Sunday’s action will be investigated. Since the investigations must continue to be centralized in the hands of Moraes, who is the reporter of the investigation of two anti-democratic acts by the STF and has already taken a series of measures after the acts of vandalism the day before.

Senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) told Reuters that he will ask Moraes to expedite a participation of the former president in any case, and one of the sources of the STF has not ruled out the possibility of imprisonment.

There is concern in a circle close to Bolsonaro that Moraes could take advantage of the moment to “go up” with the former president, according to a second source linked to him. “Now let the storm come to the top”, he said.

For now, according to the two sources of the Bolsonaro circle, there is a lack of guidance from Bolsonaro himself for his allies on how to act. Initially, I had sympathy for the protests, but after they were out of control, the attempt was made to seek to unravel and even use the tactic –old and misleading, according to the investigations that have been reported– that the violent acts had been carried out by left-wing infiltrators

After being silent for almost six hours about the chaos in Brasilia on Sunday, Bolsonaro took to Twitter on the night to make a statement saying that peaceful protests are part of democracy, but invading and damaging public property “foge à regra”.

He also repudiated Lula’s accusations that he was responsible for encouraging acts of vandalism.

Not party to Bolsonaro, or PL, according to one of the sources, there is an expectation on the part of the legendary president, Valdemar Costa Neto, which orientation to follow from now on.

It is not known exactly when Bolsonaro will return to the United States, where he traveled on December 30, so as not to participate in the transfer of power to Lula.

Valdemar released a video on Sunday condemning the violent acts and saying that they did not represent Bolsonaro’s party.

In an interview with Reuters I give in, or Minister Gilmar Mendes, dean of the Supreme Court, said that the former president is politically responsible for not having discouraged acts of violence, which he described as an attempted coup, and stressed that the authorities are going to investigate eventual legal responsibilities of the two involved.

“The authorities of the investigation are going to open up about it and are going to draw their conclusions. Certainly there will be messages, certainly breaches of secrecy, they have a series of communications and that the investigations will continue in search of those responsible,” Mendes said when asked about one eventual role of Bolsonaro in the events.

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