AMD launches new chips, BMW unveils concept car, Sony leans toward accessibility

AMD launches new chips, BMW unveils concept car, Sony leans toward accessibility

AMD launches new chips, BMW unveils concept car, Sony leans toward accessibility

Yahoo Finance’s Daniel Howley joins the live show at the CES 2023 tech conference in Las Vegas, Nevada to talk about AMD’s new CPU and GPU chips, BMW’s i Vision Dee EV concept car, and an update on the Sony Playstation 5 console.

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JULIA HYMAN: It’s not just the lights of Las Vegas that draw, it’s the LEDs, drones, TVs, headlights, and other gadgets coming out of the annual CES convention. We have Dan Howley on the scene sliding, driving, tapping and trying to make his way through the halls on day two of our coverage. And he is here with us now. So what’s the latest there, Dan?

DAN HOWLEY: That’s right, Julio. This is the second day we’ve been here, officially the first day of the big show here in Las Vegas. And we’ve heard a lot of big announcements so far. I just want to go over some of them that we’ve already heard. We talked about Intel, we talked about NVIDIA yesterday. AMD is now coming out into the open. They announced their own new CPUs and GPUs. They feature Ryzen HX and HS mobile processors. Those are for hardcore gamers.

Meanwhile, the HS version has some built-in AI components. The reason is to provide better overall processing as we move forward and AI becomes a bigger part of the overall computing process that people experience. There’s also the RX 7000 graphics chip. This is also going to be in mobile devices, laptops, notebooks, things of that nature. And it’s really made to test NVIDIA and their RX chips that they announced yesterday. Lots of Rs, lots of Xs going on here. Suffice to say, both companies have some really cool technology right now or coming later this year, 2023.

We also saw BMW launch an absolutely wild new concept car. This is the i Vision Dee. I just want to do this real quick. Dee stands for Digital Emotional Experience. IT’S OKAY. Essentially this car has 240 e-ink panels. Those actually allow the car, I’m not even kidding, to change color. It can go 32 different types of colors. Endless possibilities when you want to change the look of your car. So you can add stripes. You can add, I don’t know, circular designs. You know, I’m not very original when it comes to designing my cars. But you can do it if you want.

(LAUGHS) There’s also this– I don’t want to laugh, but you can make an avatar and have it look at you when you walk up to your car window. So you can have your digital avatar greet you when you approach. You can also make the kidney-shaped grill smile at you. So it’s a wild outside experience. Inside, there’s a sort of full windshield head-up display that can range from providing just basic driving information to virtual reality. You can darken the windows. Again, this is a concept. No one is going to drive down Grand Central Parkway in Queens with an avatar in the side mirror in virtual reality while driving their car.

On top of that, last night we had Sony and their press conference. They announced that there is finally no more delay with their PlayStation 5 console. It only took them about two years for that to happen. And now they’re also announcing something called Project Leonardo. This is really a very cool device. It is for accessibility needs. So anyone who can’t necessarily use a regular PlayStation controller will be able to buy one of these. And basically, it’s customizable.

You can take these different pieces and attach and rearrange them however you need. And it’s great to see more companies doing this. Microsoft has their adaptive drivers, a similar idea for people who have needs that can’t be met by a standard driver. So more companies are entering this space. Absolutely a great thing. I just want to go find that BMW and wink at me.

BRIAN SOZZI: Dan, it sounds like you’re seeing so much great stuff. Regardless, is the urine-tracking toilet the most exciting thing you’ve seen at the event?

DAN HOWLEY: Look, I have to say, the urine-tracking toilet is amazing. I am not going to lie. No… it’s Withings. It’s not the toilet itself, it’s a disk. So we’ve been calling it the urine disk. But it does tell you about your basic health and cycle tracking. So it’s a very interesting device. We literally saw a crowd of people standing around it when we went. Without using it, of course. That would be weird.

BRIAN SOZZI: Well, in this day and age, maybe it’s not so strange. Dan Howley, enjoy the event. We will contact you later.

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